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Course Offerings

**Remote Delivery of certain Instructor-led Open Enrollment and Site Specific courses is now available!**

CLICK HERE to see our upcoming schedule of Open Enrollment courses delivered remotely.
Contact your GE Representative or CLICK HERE to inquire about our remote delivery offerings for Site Specific Training.
Classroom Courses
These courses have been designed to help you maintain a trained work force that is skilled in controls, operations, and maintenance. In addition to offering the same high quality as our site specific training, these courses offer you the opportunity to train at a GE Facility with students from around the world. This training is also a cost effective alternative for customers who have a small staff, or new team members.

Aeroderivative Gas Turbines
Boiler and Heat Recovery Steam Generator
Digital Solutions – Controls
Digital Solutions - Generator and Excitation
Fleet360 Total Plant Solutions (Including Combined Cycle)
Heavy Duty Gas Turbines
Steam Turbine
GE Hitachi Nuclear
Distance Learning

Aeroderivitive Gas Turbines (Distance Learning)
Digital Solutions – Controls (Distance Learning)
Digital Solutions - Generator and Excitation (Distance Learning)
Heavy Duty Gas Turbines (Distance Learning)
Steam (Distance Learning)
Online Courses

Our various online learning solutions will help you train your personnel anytime, anywhere. Once a course is purchased, the student will have unlimited access to the training for 12 months. During this time students learn at their own pace and can retrain on any modules they would like - a great solution for staff members that may not be as experienced and require extra training. Check out our online learning solutions now!

Technology Courses
PATAT - Pro-Active Trip Avoidance Training