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Boiler: Boiler - (Part 2 of 4) Component Failure Causes & Corrective Repairs

Course Schedule

Location :  Houston, TX

Start Date
TXJuly 15,16 (2020)

Course Description


Boiler - (2 of 4) Component Failure Causes & Corrective Repair

This Boiler Component Failure course is designed to benefit personnel responsible for inspecting, operating and maintaining the boiler and its auxiliaries. Emphasis is on the details of inspection and preventative measures to improve component reliability.

The lessons focus on the following systems and equipment:

  • Large coal, oil or gas-fired boilers
  • Modern industrial boilers with gas-tight furnaces and super-heater assemblies
  • Key auxiliary system components such as: hanger supports, ductwork, casing, access doors, burner/wind box assemblies including fuel firing hardware, air heaters, soot blowing equipment, internal baffles, boiler water circulating pumps, and trim piping

This course progressively addresses the subject of boiler inspections starting with the fundamentals of inspecting thick- wall (headers/drums), thin-wall (tubes) pressure parts as well as sub-components closely associated with reliable operation.

Topics address the stresses from the standpoints of the fireside, waterside, and structural supports over a range of thermal conditions. Each topic includes activities that must take place before, during and after the boiler outage. Predictive maintenance (inspection and analysis) will be the primary focus, but critical recommendations will address preventative and corrective maintenance.

Information covered can be applied to coal, oil, gas, and waste-fired boilers – industrial or utility.


2 Days

Target Audience

  • Supervisors
  • Operations
  • Mechanical Maintenance


  • Instruction is given in English; therefore, a reasonable ability to read and understand spoken English is required
  • Attended Boiler Inspection Fundamentals or previous knowledge in this area.

Class Size

Maximum number of students: 18

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • The many causes for boiler and auxiliaries deterioration and failure
  • Prioritization of activities and ways to maximize boiler system reliability
  • Identification of critical repairs that prevent pressure part damage
  • Better understanding the relationships between fuel, maintenance and operations

Course Content

Throughout the series of boiler lessons, subjects are detailed for the benefit of predictive, preventative and corrective boiler and auxiliaries maintenance.  Some examples include:


  1. Instructor Background
  2. Participant Background
  3. Course Schedule

LESSON 1 – Predictive

  1. Determining the life expectancy of an overheated header
  2. Conducting effective inspections to help justify component refurbishment or replacement

LESSON 2 - Preventative 

  1. Limiting drum carryover of salts that can damage super-heater tubes and turbine blading
  2. Reducing the incidents of component failures by understanding component design and operation

LESSON 3 – Corrective

  1. How to systematically document repeat component failures until a root cause is found
  2. How to execute outage work to improve component performance



Please click on the following link for location information including directions, area hotels, and PPE requirements: 

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