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GE Hitachi Nuclear: GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy - BWR Executive Seminar

Course Schedule

Location :  San Jose, CA

Start Date
CAJuly 15,16,17,18,19 (2019)

Course Description

BWR Executive Seminar

GEH has more than 50 years in the nuclear energy industry and is the original designer of Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) nuclear power plants. To help utilities better manage BWR plants, GEH offers the BWR Executive Seminar – a proven seminar of instruction for executives and upper management.

This course focuses on plant design and operation, while also providing an overview of systems, components, and procedures. To accommodate various learning styles, the Executive BWR Seminar utilizes numerous training methods, including tours, presentations by experts, and reactor maintenance and refueling training at our refueling and maintenance facility.

Who Should Attend:

This seminar is designed for management personnel with little or no commercial nuclear experience, or those who have only Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) experience.


The seminar is open to utility management personnel.  Due to the nature and content of the seminar, proof of US Citizenship, Green-Card, or citizenship from a Non-Export Controlled Country (approved by US Dept of Energy) is required.

Course Attire:

Attire is business casual. Please note that the GEH Refueling and Maintenance facility in San Jose, California is a place of business - no tank tops or shirts with inappropriate verbiage or signs. Appropriate shoes (no open toes or high heels) are required for tours within the facility.


This seminar is 4 full days: Monday-Thursday 7:30am – 5:00pm.


There are no additional recommendations or requirements for this seminar.

Agenda: (preliminary)

Day 1

BWRs & BWR vs. PWR

Basic Theory: Reactor (Rx) Physics

Nuclear Boiler: Rx Pressure Vessel (RPV) & Internals

Reactivity Control Systems: Control Rods (CRs) / CR Drive Mechanism (CRDM)

In-Vessel Tour (LAB)

Plant & Containment Mockups (LAB)

Day 2

Reactivity Control Systems: CRD Hydraulics / Rx Manual Control / Rx Protection System (RPS)

Basic Theory: Thermal Hydraulics

Reactivity Control Systems: Recirculation (Recirc) System / Recirc Flow Control / Power-Flow Concepts

Standby Liquid Control·

Transient & Safety Analysis: Anticipated Transient Without Scram (ATWS)

BWR Material Issues

Basic Theory: Fuel Thermal Limits

Heat Removal /Control Systems

Neutron Monitoring Systems (NMS) Overview

Day 3

Emergency Core Cooling Systems (ECCS)

Shutdown Cooling

Transient & Safety Analysis: Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA)

Reactor Water Cleanup (RWCU)

Current BWR Licensing Issues

Core Power Response

Fuel Moves (LAB)

BWR Component Mockups (LAB)

Reactor Modifications

Day 4

BWR Startup Overview

Transient & Safety Analysis: Design Basis Analyses

Asset Enhancement Activities: Power Uprate / Plant Performance Improvement

OffGas / Standby Gas Treatment

BWR Water Chemistry Overview: Hydrogen Water Chem / Noble Metal Chem

Core Operating Strategies

Advanced Reactor Designs (ABWR & ESBWR)

GEH Instrument Setpoint Methodology

Optional GEH Facilities Tour