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Control System - Mark V: Mark V Operations

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Course Description



GE reserves the right to modify the class content to meet the participant’s needs.

This course provides training on the essential elements of the Mk V turbine control system. The course will include instruction on the hardware and software components of the Mk V control system and its interface system (HMI). Alarm troubleshooting and LVDT calibration will be central topics of the program. Additionally, practical exercises on Mk V equipment will reinforce the daily lecture material.


Qualified engineers and technicians who wish to gain an understanding of Mk V turbine control systems. This course is intended for industrial gas and steam turbine users and NOT for customers with aeroderivative applications.


  • Basic understanding of turbine equipment and its operation (gas or steam)
  • Familiarity with control system basics
  • Reasonable computer skills
  • Instruction is given in English; therefore, a reasonable ability to read and understand spoken English is required 


Nine and One-Half (9 1/2) Days 

Day 1

Cimplicity startup / navigation
Practical lab(s)
GE documents and documentation conventions
Turbine operation overview



Day 2

Turbine control basics
Panel application manual
Practical lab(s)



Day 3

Panel hardware
Signal flow diagrams
Practical lab(s)



Day 4

Alarm management
Security administration
Operating system review / file structure
Practical lab



Day 5

Control constants
Dynamic rung display (control code viewer)
Practical lab(s)



Day 6

Control sequence program and documentation
Practical lab(s)
Logic forcing
EEPROM download
Processor Initialization and troubleshooting



Day 8

LVDT calibration
Practical lab
Control sequence editor
Practical lab



Day 9

Cimplicity screen editing
Practical lab



Day 10 (1/2 day)
Advanced software tools (CSP generator, data acquisition)
Practical lab
Questions / Review / Wrap-up


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