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Generator Controls - EX2000/2100/2100e and LCI: Protection System MiCOM, Maintenance

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for Protection System MiCOM, Maintenance.

Course Description

Protection MiCOM, Maintenance 

4 days/Open Enrollment

GE reserves the right to modify the class content to meet the participant’s needs.

Course Description

The Protection MiCOM, Maintenance Seminar is designed for electrical maintenance personnel.

Fundamentals of Protection MiCOM, Maintenance are addressed from multiple perspectives:

  • Electrical safety rules and measures
  • Protection functions:
    • Basic theory and applications
    • Numerical generator protection system
    • System layout, hardware components, software and firmware, signal data flow
  • Documentation:
    • Protection, measuring and metering single line diagrams, tripping logic diagram, schematic diagrams, setting lists, training manual, operation & maintenance manual
  • User interface program S1:
    • Configuration and parameterization of the system
  • Monitoring functions:
    • Event and data recording, display of measured quantities, recording of disturbances
  • Functional checks and maintenance:
    • Test functions, checklists, diagnostics, service information and technical support
    • Fault‑tracing in electrical systems, interfaces to DCS


  • Classroom theoretical training that includes presentations, group work, open discussions and exercises
  • Practical hands‑on exercises
  • Site‑ and equipment visits
  • Open discussions

Target Audience

  • Electrical maintenance personnel


Participants must:

  • Have experience in electrical operation and maintenance of GE power plants
  • Be able to interpret technical documents: Single Line Diagrams (SLD) and drawings

Class Size

Maximum of 8 students

Learning Objectives

At the successful completion of the training, the student will be able to:

  • Show and explain the system basic configuration and its main features
  • Explain the system software and hardware concepts
  • Explain the purpose of the various protection functions and state respective standard settings
  • Configure and parameterize the different protection functions and change their settings (limit values, response times), using the user interface program S1
  • Interpret signals and messages of the system
  • Input signal testing
  • Carry out periodic functional checks and regular maintenance
  • State the electrical safety rules for working on the equipment