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Gas Turbine - Model GT 11, GT13E2, GT24, GT26: GT Routine Maintenance - GT11, GT13E2, GT24, GT26

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for GT Routine Maintenance - GT11, GT13E2, GT24, GT26.

Course Description

GT Routine Maintenance - GT11, GT13E2, GT24, GT26

5 days
Open Enrollment

GE reserves the right to modify the class content to meet the participant’s needs.


Course Description

The GT Routine Maintenance Seminar is designed for mechanical maintenance personnel.

Fundamentals of GT Routine Maintenance are addressed from multiple perspectives:

  • Function and design of the main parts of the anular combustor engine
  • Gas turbine maintenance overview
  • (A, B and C Inspections)
  • Inspection preparations: Site setup, material and special tools
  • Documentation: EHS, O&M manuals, Test Certificates, procedures
  • Explanation of the installed instrumentation
  • Description and operation of the Boroscope
  • Radial Rotor position calculation and alignment of the components
  • Hands-on training which is performed on a GT24 thermal block includes:
    • Measuring the Radial Rotor Position
    • Calculate and apply corrections on the radial rotor position, by moving the inner modules (Turbine side Bearing Pedestal, Turbine Vane Carrier)
    • Disassembly, inspection and reassembly of EV Burners and Lances, SEV Lances, EV and SEV Pulsation Probes, Flame Monitors and Ignition Torches
    • Measure the position and apply adjustments of the EV and SEV
    • Pulsation Probes and Flame monitors
    • Inspection with the Boroscope
  • Handling of task relevant tools


  • Classroom theoretical training that includes presentations, group work, open discussions and exercises
  • Hands-on equipment specific training and exercises

Target Audience

Will benefit most from participating:

  • Mechanical maintenance personnel


Participants must:

  • Have elementary background of power plants
  • Be able to read technical documents
  • Have a mechanical background
  • Be familiar with the service or erection of power plants
  • Have general knowledge about gas turbine hardware.

Class Size

Maximum of 8 students

Learning Objectives

At the successful completion of the training, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the design and function of an annular combustor engine
  • State the purpose and the duration of the three types of inspection on the gas turbine (A, B, C)
  • Describe and carry out the required measurements before, during and after an A,B or C-inspection. (C-Inspection in summarizing form only)
  • Describe the correct use of the relevant documentation such as Test Certificates, Procedures and O&M Manuals
  • Select and correctly use of the relevant special tools, for performing the tasks required for an inspection
  • Perform in-situ Radial Rotor Position measurements, calculations and possible adjustments
  • Describe and apply the disassembly and re-assembly of:
    • EV Burners
    • EV Lances
    • SEV Lances
    • Flame Monitors
    • Pulsation Probes EV and SEV
    • Ignition Probes
  • Describe the function of the installed Instrumentation
  • Perform an in-situ Boroscope preparations and inspections
  • Apply all EHS procedures relevant to the task