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Boiler: Boiler - Coal Pulverizer Maintenance & Performance

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for Boiler - Coal Pulverizer Maintenance & Performance.

Course Description


Boiler - Coal Pulverizer Maintenance & Performance 

Course Description

This course is designed to benefit personnel responsible for maintaining the performance, reliability, and availability of their power plant’s coal pulverizers.

This course addresses preventive and corrective maintenance to optimize equipment performance, and recommends procedures and practices before, during, and after mill maintenance overhauls.

The training will enhance participant knowledge to better:

Identify critical inspection points and conduct inspections

Execute routine maintenance and adjustments

Differentiate typical from abnormal wear

Increase reliability and availability

Optimize grinding capacity and efficiency


2 Days

Target Audience


Mechanical Maintenance


Instruction is given in English; therefore, a reasonable ability to read and understand spoken English is required

Class Size

Maximum number of students:  18

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:


Key mill design features that impact capacity

Functions and critical care issues for both major and auxiliary pulverizer systems and components

Points and processes for effectively inspecting a mill during operation, short outages, and overhauls

Adjustments that should be made based on

Inspection findings

Overhaul procedures for major pulverizer components

Proper methods for setting air flow and milling system discharge fineness

Causes of, and responses to, pulverizer fires