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Excitation - EX2100E: Excitation - EX2100e Generator Excitation Maintenance

Course Schedule

Location :  Houston, TX

Start Date
TXNovember 30 (2020), December 01,02,03,04 (2020)

Location :  Kuwait City , Kuwait

Start Date
GEKTCOctober 25,26,27,28,29 (2020)

Course Description


Excitation - EX2100e Generator Excitation Maintenance

Course Description

This course is designed to enhance skills necessary to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot an EX2100e Static Exciter or Regulator system and the related communication networks. 

Training consists of classroom lecture, classroom exercises, operation overview, basic troubleshooting, and maintenance procedures.

The participants will perform classroom lab exercises using an EX2100e simulator for “hands-on” training.  There will be a minimum one (1) EX2100e simulator as well as standard software and documentation. 


5 Days

Target Audience


Electrical Maintenance

Instrumentation & Control Technicians


Instruction is given in English, therefore a reasonable ability to read and understand spoken English is required

Reasonable computer skills

Class Size

Maximum number of students:  12

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • Safe on-line and off-line generator operation

  • Operation of the exciter in an under or over excited limit

  • Connection of a HMI to the simulator and going on-line with the simulators exciter file

  • Read fault and alarm active and historical messages using the ToolboxST interface and the HMI and Keypad interface

  • Change an exciter parameter

  • Search for exciter parameters identified by the instructor

  • Determine if all controllers are equal to the exciter configuration file, and if not, determine the differences

  • Identify EX2100e problems “entered into the system by the instructor” i.e. troubleshooting examples  

  • Identify exciter components on the elementary drawing and locate the them in an EX2100e panel

  • Interpret the meaning of the symbols on the classroom documentation

  • List the steps required to safely lockout and tagout the EX2100e


Course Content

LESSON 1 – Exciter Overview

Major Components and Terminology

LESSON 2 - Off-line Generator Fundamentals & Synchronizing

Generator Operation Off-Line

Off-Line Limits


LESSON 3 - On-line Generator Operation & Shut Down

Loading the Generator, Watts and Vars

Generator Capability Curve

On-line Limits

LESSON 4 – Exciter Hardware & Excitation Drawings

Location and Description of Exciter Hardware

Recommended Maintenance Procedures of the Exciter Panel

Local Keypad Functionality

LESSON 5 – Print Reading Exercises

Excitation Elementary Drawings

Excitation Instruction Manuals

LESSON 6 – Exciter Software

Connecting to the UDH

GE ToolboxST™ demonstration

Navigating using ToolboxST™, changing parameters, comparing toolbox application to device program

Comparing/Equalizing master controllers

LESSON 7 – Troubleshooting & Maintenance


Review diagnostic troubleshooting guidelines

Review fault and alarm indications

Locate Exciter instruction manuals