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Gas Turbine - LMS100: LMS100 Engine Familiarization

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for LMS100 Engine Familiarization.

Course Description


Gas Turbine - LMS100 SAC Engine Familiarization



Course Description

This course covers basic LMS100 gas turbine theory, construction, major components and operation.


3 Days

Target Audience

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  • Leadership
  • Supervisors
  • Operations
  • Mechanical Maintenance


Technical background or relevant experience

Class Size

Maximum number of students: 15

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • Provide student with basic familiarization of characteristics of the LMS100 gas turbine


Course Content


  1. Instructor background
  2. Participant background
  3. Course schedule

Lesson 1

  1. Introduction and history of the LMS100/lineage
  2. Terms and abbreviations
  3. Frames, cases and rotors
  4. Comparison to LM6000

Lesson 2

  1. VSV, VBV, VIGV systems overview, operation and limits
  2. Air systems – Primary/Secondary/Parasitic
  3. HP recoup/LP Recoup/IPT Thrust balance
  4. Fuel systems

Lesson 3

  1. Sump pressurization
  2. Bearings
  3. Oil System- component description / function / operation
  4. Sensors / instrumentation
  5. Troubleshooting using Operation and Maintenance manual

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