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Gas Turbine - 6,7,9, B,E, F Class : Gas Turbine Operations Overview - Model Series (MS) 6,7 and 9 B/E and F class

Course Schedule

Location :  Houston, TX

Start Date
TXJune 03,04,05,06,07 (2019)
TXDecember 09,10,11,12,13 (2019)

Location :  Kuwait City , Kuwait

Start Date
GEKTCSeptember 15,16,17,18,19 (2019)

Course Description


Gas Turbine - 6,7,9, B, E, F Class Operation 

Gas Turbine

GE reserves the right to modify the class content to meet the participant’s needs.


  • Operators, engineers, technicians, and administrative personnel of operating facilities as well those who may work in affiliated industries and who wish to gain an understanding of the design and fundamental operations of GE heavy duty gas turbines and generators. Heavy duty turbines are also known as “Frame” and “Model Series” turbines as opposed to aircraft (aeroderivative) turbines.
  • Intended for personnel unfamiliar with GE gas turbines. It should be considered as a “beginner” level course.

Experienced turbine persons looking for more in-depth turbine operational information should consider the GE Gas Turbine Advanced Operation – F-Class or E-Class courses. 

Course Description 

This course offers a basic understanding of the operations of all types of GE heavy duty gas turbine - generators for those persons with no or limited knowledge of gas turbines. The objective of this course is to give participants a basic understanding of gas turbine construction, how it works and its operation. The starting, loading, control and protection features of the turbine, generator and the function of the accessory systems are discussed. 

The Model Series (MS) 6,7 and 9 B/E and F class unit types are the basis for the course material. However, discussion of MS5001 units is also available. 

Emphasis is placed on the following areas:

  • Basic gas turbine operating cycle
  • Overview of gas turbine major components and equipment arrangements and how these relate to overall operation and performance
  • Fundamentals of gas turbine control and protection: start-up, speed, load, shutdown and temperature
  • Operating parameters and control / protection features of the various turbine support systems such as the lubricating oil, hydraulic, variable inlet guide vanes, starting means and fuels
  • Operating factors and considerations that affect maintenance intervals  

The course is held at a GE Energy Learning Center or local facility. All locations have turbine equipment available to view that enhances the learning experience beyond the classroom lectures and discussions.

Course Objectives 

The objective of this course is to train the participant in the basics of construction and operation of the gas turbine, generator and auxiliary systems.

The participant will learn:

  • Gas turbine major components and functions
  • Generator major components and functions
  • Auxiliary support systems purpose, components and functions
  • Turbine-Generator Startup, Loading, Shutdown and Emergency operations
  • How to locate information in the unit service manuals
  • Operating factors that affect maintenance intervals 


  • Ability to understand and speak English
  • Reasonable computer skills 
  • Entry-level course, no previous turbine experience required 
  • Intended for any discipline with limited turbine knowledge: operators, technicians, engineers, supervisors, administrative and support personnel

Course Contents


A.  Instructor Background
B.  Participant Background
C.  Course Schedule 

Lesson 1

A.  Overview of Gas Turbine Major Components
Basic Gas Turbine Operating Cycle and Performance Characteristics

Lesson 2

A.  Turbine Reference Drawings

Lesson 3

A.  Fundamentals of Gas Turbine Controls and Protection

Lesson 4

A.  Gas Turbine Auxiliary Systems – purpose, function and operation
     1.  Turbine Devices
Cooling and Sealing Air
Lubrication and Hydraulic Oil
Gas and Liquid Fuel
     5.  Starting Systems
Inlet Air Filtration and Heating/Cooling

Lesson 5

A.  Generator Major Components
Generator Electrical Fundamentals
D.  Generator Cooling

Lesson 6

A.  Gas Turbine-Generator Operation
Control Screens
Operation and Maintenance Considerations