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Gas Turbine Fundamentals (7F)  

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Cost: $250.00 USD

Course Description

Gas Turbine Fundamentals

Welcome to GE Gas Turbine Fundamentals. This course was designed to provide basic knowledge of GE Gas Turbines.

Upon completion of the course you will understand:

  • Basic gas turbine cycle
  • Be able to identify the major components of a gas turbine and describe the assembly procedure
  • Be able to explain fundamentals of gas turbine controls.

This course is not designed to represent all GE Gas Turbines. It provides GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY.

You must refer to turbine specific instruction manuals and drawings for any information specific to your unit.

This course gives a basic overview of the major aspects of GE gas turbines, including:

  • Theory of Operation, which covers the influential properties of a gas turbine
  • Design and Construction identifies key components of the unit assembly
  • Control Philosophies describes the main elements of unit operation

Cost $250