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Generator Fundamentals  

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Course Description

Generator Fundamentals

Welcome to Generator Fundamentals. This course was designed to provide basic knowledge of General Electric generators.

Upon completion of the course you will able to:

  • Describe the theory of operation of a GE Generator
  • Identify the function and assembly of its major components
  • Explain the general operating rules of a generator
  • Describe the excitation and protection systems
  • Describe the purpose and function of the different cooling systems

This course is not designed to represent all GE generators. It provides GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY.

You must refer to generator instruction manuals and drawings for any information specific to your unit.

This program is designed to give the participant a detailed overview of electrical power generation from the source - the generator - right down to the consumer. The course includes:

  • Theory of Operation, which describes the theory and power generation factors
  • Design and Construction section identifies main components and specific components
  • Excitation, Protection and Operation section describes the purpose and functions of each
  • Systems section covers both Hydrogen and Stator Winding Cooling systems

Cost $250