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Generator & Electrical Training: Generator Design and Construction

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Course Description


Web Based Training

Course Description

This course describes the components, various kinds of generators and differentiating characteristics of a generator.


1 hour

Target Audience

All personnel


Course material is in English; therefore, a reasonable ability to read and understand English is required

Class Size

Remote Access

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • Various kinds of generators and their differentiating characteristics
  • Purpose of the components of a rotor
  • Purpose of the components of a stator

Course Content


  1. Generator Product Line Summary
  1. Medium Steam Turbine Generator (MSTG) Air Cooled
  2. Medium Steam Turbine Generator (MSTG) Hydrogen Cooled
  3. Large Steam Turbine Generator (LSTG) Hydrogen Cooled

  1. Design and Construction of a Rotor
  1. Design Considerations
  2. Rotor Field Forging
  3. Winding
  4. Retaining Rings
  5. Cooling Fans
  6. Collector Rings and Bore Copper

  1. Design and Construction of a Stator
  1. Design Considerations
  2. Stator Frame
  3. Stator Core
  4. End Winding Support System
  5. Stator Bars
  6. Wedging Systems
  7. Lower Frame Extension and Bushings
  8. End Shields, Hydrogen Seals, and Oil Deflectors
  9. Collector Brush Rigging

  1. Exam