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Become a Customer Manager For Your Site
Find out how to enroll, view, and manage your site personnel's training.

How to Become a Customer Manager

When you register as a user in our training website, you will have the opportunity to become a Customer Manager for your company. Becoming a Customer Manager allows you to:

  • Register and enroll any of your employees in Open Enrollment training courses
  • Make changes to employees' profiles
  • View employees' complete training history, including if and when training was completed
  • View upcoming course enrollments
  • Assist in budgeting training for upcoming years
  • Manage Learning Paths and monitor progress
When completing the registration, you will see the question "Do you want to enroll other personnel?" Answering "Yes" will drive the program, giving you the ability to register, enroll, and view employees' training history.

Customer Manager Privileges

Once you receive the confirmation that you have been approved as a Customer Manager, you will have access to an "Admin" dropdown where you will see:

Dashboard Reports

Create tables and charts of your employees' training
Student Management Tool

Submit streamlined registration requests for multiple employees
Enroll employees in courses
Customer Manager Instructions

Step-by-step instructions on how to register, enroll, and manage your employees' training
If you have already registered as a user and would like to become a Customer Manager, please contact us for assistance in becoming your company's Customer Manager.