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GE Power Services Customer Training is your key to turning knowledge into power by providing high-quality training that will help you maximize the efficiency of your equipment, minimize the costly mistakes that can jeopardize your plant, and build life-long skills. We offer a variety of training solutions for total plant solutions including the following: new unit packages, combined cycle applications, balance of plant, digital solutions (controls and software), aeroderivative gas turbines, heavy duty gas turbines, steam turbines, boilers, heat recovery steam generators, and generators. Our training courses are conducted by high-caliber instructors who are experts in OEM design, installation, maintenance, and start ups.

Training is not one time, one class, one subject matter, but rather a continuous path of learning for plant personnel to gain the knowledge needed to achieve success in running an efficient, well-operated and well-maintained plant. Our instructors, training options, and Learning Paths will help you achieve these goals.

Explore our numerous training opportunities, pick the training options that best meet your needs, and experience the difference knowledgeable and well-trained employees can make.

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